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Aporte original por: jaredkoreski ,


Didn't realize the separate I/O board was present.  It could well be the connections from the I/O board to the logic board.  This is one of those issues that just isn't going to be fun to diagnose.  Its not very clear if its the I/O board or the logic board at this point.  Here is the link, the ribbon I speak of is shown in step 27:

[guide|472|Click here.|page=9]

Clean connections if there is any residue on anything.  Reseat the ribbon on both ends if possible.  I once came acrossed a laptop with a keyboard issue (most keys typed correctly, some would type two different keys).  I replaced the keyboard only to see the same issue.  So I opened it up again, cleaned the ribbon and ribbon slot for the OLD keyboard (with a very small torx pointy bit) and all the keys worked again.

Good luck!