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Screen Replacement Premuim Red Tape



Just a quick question. I have been using a pre-cut 3M adhesive for Ipad screen replacements (not the generic crappy cheap stuff that is pre-installed or the the fake 3m) with extremely good results. 30+ Ipads from 2 and up with 0 screen lift. The question is due to the pre cut being a little bit expensive I have started using the Premium Red Tape. As I have know experience using this product do people heat the outside of the glass to seal or just once the screen is down leave it. I have been told by the supplier to add some heat to activate it but is this necessary. I tried to pry up after sticking it down and felt pretty solid to me with no heat. The other problem i had which may or may not be related is the screen around the adhesive got warm but looks like on the back of the digitizer where you peel the film off before setting down may of gotten a little warm and left a smudge. Anyways what do you do with the Red Tape heat or no heat?



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