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Aporte original por: Geoff ,


Hi there

I have the same idea.

I have the Mac mini 2014 8gb 2.6ghz with the 1tb HDD.

It is possible to add the PCIe . Do you want to run it as FUSION or duel drives?

Fusion will require basic terminal knowledge which really is easy if that's what you want. Video link here

I want to run duel drive tho. So in future I can take out the HDD and add a SSD if needed.

Problem is I can't find a video to show how to migrate from HDD to PCIe.

What you need to buy

1- You might find the flex cable from someone selling Mac mini parts on eBay. Otherwise looks for 076-00040 which is the HDD Carrier which comes with the flex cable and hole to fix the PCIe down.

2 - look for an apple Samsung PCIe for 2013 onwards MacBooks. Or part MZ-JPV5120 ( for the 512gb otherwise just replace the 512 with 128 or 256  for smaller SSD or you could hunt for the 1tb version)

3 - this shows how to do the upgrade. It says fusion but it's duel and incomplete because he still runs the OS on the HDD and not the PCIe.

My guess is to run the PCIe as the startup disk you need to purchase a external enclosure from OWC then use a clone software and move to the PCIe and then do the upgrade. But I would much rather iFix to release a video and enclosure for this.

I hope this help. Once I have figured it out and do it myself I will post a video.