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Aporte original por: Chris ,


Hello All,

The issue isn't your anti virus or cable. You cant go from IOS4 to 9. I was on with a Sr. tech and they walked me through everything. I asked point blank whether it can be done, she said she didn't know. I read another post off another blog who indicated that Apple only will support a IOS5 and higher upgrade now. Something with the software and apple wont acknowledge it. Once the system tries to reach apple servers it shuts off and gets hung up. If we had IOS 5 put back up to download it would work and we could use OTA.

Reiboot works great. Sometimes after you hit exit recovery it doesn't work, just hit enter recovery mode and it freezes but gets the IPAD working.

Until Apple, which I highly doubt will agree to support this we are stuck with a web browser or movie ipad.

My whole issue is that regardless of version you have, as long as apple supports an upgrade of that Ipad 2 we should be allowed to get it. Even those on IOS 4.