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Aporte original por: alvarodenicolas ,


Hello, My name is Eloy and I am 10. Today is one of the collest days of my life because I  got my Parrot Blaze drone as a present from the 3 wise men. I have only flown my drone twice inside my house and the second time had a small crash  (with the protections). Now the back right propeller (when the drone is facing you) does not stop EVER as long as the drone has battery, and although once the app  connects the other propellers will work after pressing TAKE OFF, it cannot be controlled, trimed or anything.Of course we also cannot charge it since the propeller will continuously be turning (just as well atht I bought the extra battery)... We (with my daddy who is a telecoms engineer) have tried to reset it to  the original state in the app, press the level button when it was on a flat surgace to try and level it back, everything, but nothing has worked and we cannot find anything in the web that can help us eitehr. I only have 3 days left to play with it before I have to go back to school, Can you help me, please?