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Aporte original por: zisong ,



I bought this iPhone 6 8 months ago and it was my first Apple product bought after years of being loyal Android user, when I thought I should try something new. It was pretty good for a few months until I realized it might be one of the worst choice I have ever made.

iOS 9.1 was introduced 2 months later, and the first mistake I've made with the phone is trying to update it. My friend warned me previously saying that you shouldn't try to update iOS when it just came out because there will be a lot of bugs and stuff. I still did it because the patch notes says that you can have extra few hours of battery life if you updated it. And boom, my touch ID (unlocking phone with fingerprint on home button) stopped working. I try to look for solutions myself online and found that I'm not the only one who experienced this.

"Maybe they will fix in on the next patch, that's how they do it right?" I told myself and decided to wait longer. And there's the second mistake I've made, I brought my iPhone out of my house without a tampered glass on it. I accidentally dropped my phone during an outing with my phones and have my screen cracked. Luckily the damage is minimal and it doesn't really bothers me.

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Until last month, they released iOS 9.2. Here comes the patch I've been waiting for, like finally, then I turn to disappointment when my phone tells me that "software update fail: an error occurred downloading iOS 9.2". What error are you talking about? I'm confused and I once again search again for solutions and I found this

It's from official Apple support site so it must be reliable right? So I follow the steps and try to update my phone with iTunes. And it turns out to be the biggest mistake I tried to work with my phone. "An unknown error occurred (53)." These are the last words I received and my phone was effectively dead. Every time I try to wake up my phone it just shows me a black screen with an iTunes logo on it.

With the mysterious error code 53 I just found, I discover more and more scary stories on the web…/2048…/iTunes+Error+53+-+Please+help!

So turns out that error code 53 is caused by hardware problem on the home button and I got unlucky with a few others around the globe, we received the batch of phones with faulty home buttons. And it amazed me that nobody actually shared anything about trying to restore it will completely kill your phone.

Some of them got a new replacement phone with their valid warranty. But mine was rejected, "Sorry sir, your Apple warranty is invalid as your screen is cracked." But to think about it, it was unfair to me as even if I didn't have my screen cracked, my phone would still be dead because the main problem lies in the hardware itself, it was a ticking bomb ever since it came out of factory. "I don't want a new phone, I don't even want iOS 9 or the touch ID to work anymore, I just don't want a dead phone."

"Sorry sir, maybe you can try get support from here:"

Thus, I've spoken to 4 Apple support operators so far and I've still have no clue on what I should do with this phone now, I've been redirected here and there in a loop, just like how my phone stuck in a recovery loop.


1) Don't update your iPhone if possible.

2) If you have problems with your iPhone, don't look for solutions online, not even on the official Apple support website.

3) Always use tampered glass.

4) Remember, this is not Android.

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