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Aporte original por: Henry ,


Wii U won't eject disc but eject button works?


My Nintendo Wii U would not eject the game disc that was inside of it (Super Smash Bros. for Wii U). When I pressed the eject button, the disc drive would make a noise as if the disc was going to come out but the disc remained in the drive and would not come out.I opened up the Wii U and took the disc out of the disc drive.

The Wii U still thinks a disc is loaded in the console. The menu says there is an invalid disc in the drive when there is no disc at all. Pressing the eject button makes the same noise as if a disc is trying to come out and then the laser moves, trying to read a disc that isn't there.

Is there a position I can manually move any of the disc drive parts in or to so the console knows there is not a disc in the drive? Should I just replace the drive?


Nintendo Wii U