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No sound from the internal speaker but sound from the earphones usually indicates that it could be anyone of the following conditions :

1. Faulty internal speaker

2. Faulty wiring connection between speaker and mainboard.

3. Faulty earphone jack - the earphone jack has contacts inside which "break" the audio connection away from the speakers when the earphone plug is inserted and the audio is directed to the earphones.

4. Faulty earphone jack connection to the mainboard. The earphone socket may have partially lifted off the mainboard and the connection back to the speakers has been broken

Here is an wiring diagram of the connections inside a earphone socket. There are many variations as to the actual configuration used and the one in your tab will  vary from this one - yours will have definitely not as many connections. It is just used to show how the audio circuit is arranged.


In this example the audio comes into the jack on pole 2 and pole 6 and goes back to the speakers on pole 3 and pole 7. When the earphone plug is inserted pole 2 is connected to pole 8 and pole 4 is connected to pole 6 therefore the music to the speaker is disconnected because 2 and 3 are broken and 6 and 7 are broken and the audio goes out on the plug which touches poles 8 and 4.

I cannot find any info on how to open your particular model tab, but here is a link on how to open a Visual Land Connect 9 which may be of some help, if you decide to open your tab and try to find and fix the problem.

To find out if the earphone socket is faulty you'll need an Ohmmeter to test the connections. An Ohmmeter is found in a DMM (Digital MultiMeter) which can be purchased very cheaply. You can also test the speakers with it.

Hope this has been of some help