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iTunes error 53 is MOSToften the result of a screen change that has gone bad.  Here are the common issues that cause error 53:

- Screen is replaced with a NEW Home button installed.  You MUST!!! install the original Home does not matter what else you try, you'll get error 53 every time.

- The metal shield on the back of screen assembly I call the "screen backplate".  The flex ribbon that attaches to the screen backplate that runs from the top to bottom, I call the "Home button flex ribbon".  This flex ribbon is most often damaged at the bottom where the Home button connects to it.  The bottom of the Home button flex ribbon is attached to screen with adhesive, & can be easily torn.  Be very careful removing it.  If flex ribbon is will cause error 53, but can be fixed by replacing flex ribbon.

- The Home button flex ribbon connector, at bottom of flex ribbon is NOT properly seated at bottom of new screen when installed.  There is a tiny ridge at the bottom of screen where the connector sits up against allowing it to sit flush against the screen.  Often the ridge is overlooked & the connector sits on top of the ridge instead, causing it to sit at an angle & not flush against screen.  So when the Home button is connected, it is not fully seated.  Simply make sure the Home button flex connector is positioned & seated properly against screen.

- The Home button itself has a short flex ribbon that connects to the Home button flex ribbon. If it's damaged in will cause error 53...and can NOT be fixed by you, only Apple can resolve.  That flex ribbon is also attached to screen with adhesive, so be careful removing.

In summary, you MUST install the original Home button & the ONLY part that can be replaced is the Home button flex ribbon to try and resolve error 53.