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Aporte original por: Ron ,


The CDs appear to be clean and scratch free.

The external drive powers up, but there does not seem to be any recognition of it.  This is a USB that OK?

I am working with only the AC Adapter, no battery, but have tried the power drain.

Yes, when I copied the OS from another Mac, I did selet the bootable option.

Another bit of info I just learned, based on an earlier comment about the HD cable.  I examined it and it appears OK and connected well.  Out of curiosity, I unplugged the cable from the logic board, and tried a few different start-ups.....they all gave the exact same results as the start-ups tried with the cable connected.  That suggests it is never getting to the hard drive.  Also....when booting from the CD, I never get the spinning wheel with the Apple logo....just the logo, then it moves a couple of pixels on the screen and freezes. I can hear the CD drive maybe I have a bad CD disk?