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Aporte original por: asherlc ,


Spilled water, which parts to replace?


I spilled water on my 2014 Macbook Air. I had a keyboard cover on, so I don't believe much got into the workings from the top. However, it appears that a decent amount of water got in through the bottom, from what I can tell. I didn't realize how much was in it, so I turned it on a couple times before it dried out, but now it won't turn on at all.

I took apart the entire bottom case according to the iFixit guide ([guide|24756]), looking for signs of water damage. However, there's only one dot that's turned red, on the underside of the battery.

Are there any ways to diagnose which parts of the machine are damaged? Most guides say changes are the logic board needs to be replaced, but since there's no activated water stickers on it, I'm hesitant to purchase another one in case the problem is elsewhere. Is the battery the place to start?


MacBook Air 13" Early 2014