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Aporte original por: Clemens ,


I know, I am somewhat late with my post... ;)

Well, I absolutely agree, I observed '''exactly''' the same problem with several Panasonic UJ265 Blu-Ray replacement drives.  I have installed this type drive on a Mac mini (2010) and several different iMac models from 2009. The drive works absolutely great, - the disc has just to be inserted far / deep enough so that the drive mechanism can "grab" it.

I don't think the problem is affected by any fundamental incompatibility. It seems that Apple's optical drives are somewhat different adjusted regarding the grab / loading mechanism.  Apple drives "reacts" somewhat earlier when a disc will be inserted. Most likely this behavior can be configured! The big question is how can this be made, has someone found a solution?

I think this is a hardware related question. Probably someone has to disassembly an original Apple SuperDrive (e.g. from Panasonic Matsushita) and looks for a way how the disc loading behavior can be adjusted. Will see if I find the time for such a "project"... ;)