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Try to fully charge the battery.  Once you have done this on the AR Drone push the un-pair button then push the 'reset' button and place the AR Drone on a flat level surface and unplug the battery.  On the iPod/device  go to the WiFi menu tap on the AR Drone and select 'Forget this device'.

Reconnect the battery on the AR Drone and wait for the leds to go green.

Put your iPod into Airplane mode, switch on the WiFi and try to reconnect to the AR Drone.

If the led's on your AR Drone are green and you are still unable to connect can you try resetting your iPod/device .

You might have it on access-point mode, which is for Android users like me, i had the same problem and turned out it was on Ad-hoc mode, which is for Apple users. Hold down the unpair button for 5 sec.  The LEDs flash red when access-point mode is switched to ad-hoc mode. The LEDs flash green when ad-hoc mode is switched to access-point mode

I've also read that wireless camera systems can interfere with the signal.

AR Drone help desk said that the all red on all 4 rotors means there's a problem on the main board.

hopefully you get them running again, Good Luck!