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Hi all, thanks for the thread, it helped point me in the right direction//

"Farspace" mentioned the use of CLR,  (thanks "farspace")but did not explain getting it into the inlet valve.. As just putting the CLR into the drum will not get it into the inlet valve, I went a step farther..

Turn off water and disconnect the hoses from the supply line, drain the hoses, pour clr into the hoses, reconnect and run an empty cycle.. this gets the clr running through the valve..

(I am not a repairman and I do not claim to know anything about washing machines, my only experience is fixing my own stuff.... this was simply the easy logical way to get the clr running through the valve)

This process did work for me, My washer was slowly filling when not in use running some clr through the valve must have cleared some deposits that were keeping the valve from fully closing..

**  after using clr, I would recommend a couple more empty washes to flush it all out before doing laundry..

I hope this helps someone,, it saved me ..

lastly,,  I did not have to order my valve, as this fixed it,, but for those that have to replace itk once you have the part number, I would recommend shopping around a bit,,   Amazon had my valve for about 35%off what the "Repair Clinic" has it listed for....