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Aporte original por: Wiley Sanders ,


Finally, a picture of the same board I have.  I can tell you it is not the two pads just to the left of the pogo pin and green surface mounted component in the lower left corner of the top picture. My A1370 won't turn on due to very minor (I swear) spill of plain water (oddly, the power button and caps lock key are broken: the most essential and most useless keys on the keyboard) and once on it turns itself off randomly, so I've resigned myself to the $755 flat fee repair. So I had nothing to lose by shorting those two pads; however it gave off a spark that pitted the surface of the tweezers I was using, and no turn on. Off to Apple.

I can still start the mac by disconnecting the battery and connecting it to adapter power without the battery connected. But the battery connector is probably engineered for a very limited number of insertion cycles, and of course you need to unscrew all the tiny bits to take the bottom off.