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Aporte original por: lestergoods ,


Yeah, I've had this problem also. it's not the games, but the circuit board inside the SNES. It seems to happen mostly on the first SNES board from 1991. The one with 4 chips on the south part of the board, and the separate sound card that is removable on the north east part of the board. Some games work, some don't work, some have a couple shadowy red bars through the screen, and some games even work but the sprites (characters) have no detection of one another in game play itself. I have cleaned up 2 different boards of this type and replaced all the capacitors, and the 64 pin cartridge connector on both boards, and both still have these problems. I think these models just go bad. Not worth really trying to experiment on these any more. I wanted to play games on these original machines. But no luck with that. I did get a SNES 2 and that works fine. So if you see for repair or parts an ebay, just save your money and invest on one that says it works. :)