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Try running your virus scan from Safe Mode/Safe Mode with Networking, and seeing if it comes up clean. Regardless of your chosen Anti-Virus package, download and install the freeware version of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. It tends to find things that other Anti-Virus packages/suites do not always find. It should also be run in Safe Mode/Safe Mode with Networking.

Also, try cleaning out any junk files, and disabling things running in the background. You can use a variety of tools to do this; to remove junk files I recommend Cleanup! 4.5.2 and CCleaner. The free versions of both software will suffice; but if you like either, feel free to pick up a license (or donate, in the case of Cleanup!).

CCleaner gives you the ability to remove/disable startup items, which you may also want to do in order to optimize system load times.

Depending on how much RAM is installed in your system, you may consider an upgrade. 2GB is standard, but on the low side; 4GB is more common: but depending on the number of programs you're running on a consistent basis, you might be able to justify upgrading to 6-8GB.

If you need to know how much RAM your system will take, and what kind, you can use the Crucial memory configurator to quickly identify the amount and type of memory to purchase (if you need to upgrade at all). You don't have to purchase through them, but the tool is pretty useful.