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Aporte original por: oldturkey03 ,


Dylan, anything is possible. Right now you do not have anything to lose. If you do not have access to an ultrasonic cleaner, I suggest you get some 90%+ isopropyl alcohol and a soft brush. Clean your board and all the other parts with it. Use [guide|5825|this guide] to see how to properly clean it. It was written for an iPhone but all the points a re still pertinent to yours as well. Remove all the EMI shields to clean under there as well. Once you have it cleaned, check all the components on the board. Make sure none are missing, or otherwise damaged. Make sure all the cable ends and connectors are also cleaned. Then reassemble, replace the battery and re-evaluate. The cost for now should only be for the alcohol and a new battery, so at least I'd give it a try. Water damage is the hardest to diagnose, and to repair, since any part may have failed. Yours situation is made worth by giving it time to corrode. [guide|31009]