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Aporte original por: Megan ,


My sound was working fine, no problems with it or anything.

I dropped it while running inside one day when it was raining, and didn't notice it was gone until less than five minutes later. Everything on my phone works, nothing is wrong but the sound.

The ringer works, and alarms and whatever works. When I went into 'Settings', 'Sound', and moved the sound bar, the sound works.

When I play music, it will work anywhere from 1 song to about 5 songs, then it will just.. Stop. The song will go back to 0:00 and play, but no audio. While in 'Music', 'Now Playing' or whatever it's called, there is no sound bar. There's just the go back, pause/play, and skip button.

When at home screen, the buttons don't work unless it's Ringer button, and when I press the buttons the little box shows up, but again no sound bar. When I pull up the tab from bottom screen up, same thing.

I tried the paper, tooth picks, headphones, still doesn't work. It will work after restarting the iPhone, but it will eventually stop. Sometimes I have to restart 2 times within the same minute or two minutes or whatever.

Is there any way I can fix this? If I have to replace the headphone dock, does anyone know how much it will be?

* Btw I have an iPhone 4s if that matters.