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Aporte original por: Cole Reeves ,


hi guys if your looking for your answer and i mean really looking for it.... look no further.... ok first inspect the mother board for any damage u may have caused... and look closely... and relax cause most of the time mother board damage is fixable with a little bit of silver paint from radio shaack... basically sodder for dummys who cant sodder lol like me... but back on topic... if you cant find any noticeable damage then most likely there is non... ok now after inspecting the mother board. people sometimes don't fold the digitized ribon right(look at a video taking a ipod apart to get the idea how to fold it) and it gets pinched on that metal cover that overlaps the mother board.. this is where you find people saying OOOHHHHH NO i had it all apart tested it and it worked fine and i put it back to gather and now its weight screen...... sadly if you pinch the ribbon you will need a new screen... when you have a pinched ribbon your screen will be completely wight with no sighn of life anywhere... but wait sometimes if you have a wight screen its a ipod malfunction, for this simply drian the battery and/or try the iPod reset button combo witch is holding down home button  and   top power button simultaneously. now if your screen is wight but has some sighn of life on it then you have a bad screen that the manufacture gave u... i advise sending it back and asking for refund. i hope this has solved your problem.