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Aporte original por: Tom Lodge ,


Spilt water on keyboard, battery not working


I spilt water on my Acer C720p Chromebook recently (the c720p is the same as the c720 but with a touch screen) and everything works fine, except for the battery.

Initially the keyboard didn't work properly, some keys would press the ones next to them at the same time but this stopped after the computer dried properly.

But the problem is that now my Chromebook only works when it's plugged in and (at least according to the Chromebook) the battery never rises above a 1% charge.

I've tried reseting it, both by turning off developer mode and also with a powerwash option in the settings but no luck so far.

I've seen a couple of pretty good videos on replacing the battery on YouTube but I've heard from some tech friends that it could be caused by damage to the motherboard so that it doesn't recognise the battery rather than the battery itself. Any ideas?

Cheers! (:


Acer C720