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Where are the GPS unit and its connections?


A couple of weeks ago, I stupidly opened my Evo 4G, attempting to remove some water from the screen.  I destroyed the display in the process.  That was easy enough to fix.  However, I later discovered that the rear speaker wasn't working.  Apparently, in removing the inner frame from the display assembly, I had damaged some contacts.  The first I discovered was the top spring contact on the right-hand side.  In trying to get it back on, I lost it, but didn't notice any change in the phone's operation.  I then noticed that one of the little "bowl-in-a-box"-shaped parts along the right-hand side of the sticker had been pried up on one side, and that a wire beneath it had been ripped off its contact.  I did my best to solder all three back in place, and the speaker now works.

However, I then discovered the GPS doesn't work.  I eventually found and resoldered the missing spring clip, and applied to iron to the bottom "bowl-in-a-box" part on the right-hand side, which seemed to be possibly loose.  Neither of these things affected the GPS (or, as far as I can tell, anything else).

Does anyone know how I could have broken the GPS and what I might do to fix it?  One hint I have is that the two parts I broke were underneath holes in the inner frame (the teardown video is unclear, and at first I couldn't figure out where to stick my tool).




HTC Evo 4G