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Arsingenia, Thank you very much for the information.

Much of the theoretical aspects have been clarified. But your reply does raise more questions for non-highly technical people like myself who simply want to know the practical aspects on how to ~

a) Open the battery case of the Dell Inspiron 6000 6- or 9-cell battery pack without excessive irreparable damage to the plastic case,

b) Replace the 6 or 9 cells inside with quality cells and connect it through the "battery controller",

c) Ensure that the battery controller still actively/dynamically holds the volatile memory/software to control the battery pack and has not completed its specific number of hours of usage and shut itself and the battery pack down,

d) Re-program the volatile memory of the battery controller with software off the internet,

e) Possibly make a preliminary open-battery-case test of the battery pack with the new cells to ensure connectivity and controller activation,

f) Close up the battery case.

Though my Dell Battery Module Rechargeable Li-ion Battery Type U4873 Rating 11.1V DC Capacity 80WH Made in Japan by Sanyo has been dead for some months now, I have kept it connected in place on the underside of the laptop while using the laptop PC directly off the mains electric power. Would this mean that the battery controller has been receiving its modicum of power to keep the battery controller's volatile memory alive?

To summarise, are you in effect stating that ~

i) All generic branded and unbranded substitute battery packs available in shops and on the internet also have volatile memory programmed battery controllers in them?

ii) There is really no way for us iFixit enthusiasts to reprogram the battery controller's volatile memory via the internet or in some similar way?

iii) There is therefore no really foolproof way to refurbish a battery pack with quality new Li-ion cells and reprogrammed battery controller? That it would be an extremely complex and therefore a pointless exercise for dead battery packs?

iv) There is nothing on the internet anywhere, nor can anyone provide a practical step by step guide on what to do to refurbish a dead Dell Inspiron 6000 battery pack?

v) All videos on the internet showing how to replace Li-ion cells in various other battery packs with no sign of any battery controller in them are too unreliable and dangerous to follow due to the possible danger of battery explosion?

vi) If the battery controller is bypassed, the battery will not work? Or it will work with the clear danger that the battery  may explode at any time?