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Aporte original por: Ed Oliver ,


OK, so I still have the issue at hand and some posts at Macrumours state that there Is an issue with the transfer rates of the Optibay.

The Seagate/Samsung Spindrive M9T has a SATA III/6Gb specs that work perfectly when the drive is inside its case (outside) and connected to the MBP using an USB 3 cable (read/write); but when I take the drive into the iFixit caddy and reinstall it, the OS can read but cannot write, and of course, with that later issue, a re-format is impossible because it cannot erase and the process leaves a drive that Disk Utility can see but the Finder cannot.

Already tried to boot from a USB, in order to avoid the mapping and mounting issues to no avail. The OS simply cannot write when the drive is in the optibay