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Aporte original por: smita ,


Hi Panagiotis

I have Alcatel One Touch Idol 2 mini Phone and I was very happy with it. Got it for such a bargain price, just unbelievable and the material and make look so good and pricey, almost as Galaxy S4 or 5 mini. The touchscreen is sensitive , nice like my friends Galaxy S4's and 5's. However I got the bargain for a 4GB ROM model and I decide, what I such a nice phone, android version is nice, screen is nice, everything is simple and big, so I will upgrade with micro SD. I installed the card and it turned out it is nothing like my Samsung and other smartphones. There is no option to move apps to SD, where you would usually find this option in Android, there is no option to INSTALL on the SD, as I tried with Asphalt 8, 1GB game. It took all of my device storage, but no, why using the free SD, no sense , right??? Then again unlike my Samsung, there is no option to select the camera save to the external SD?? WTF??? Are you kidding me, is it so difficult to write 5 lines of code, so you can select the path to store  camera taken files? Even aftermarket camera app won't do it, even if selected. The phone is a charm for the money, absolutely perfect, fast, beautiful and does not freeze like my Samsung. WHY DID THEY DO THIS?