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Depending on which specific model this is there are a couple of things to try.  First, and quickest is a PRAM Reset (Ctrl+R+P), which you can look up on Apple's site.  The second and actually more likely (unfortunately) is that the power supply (it the modulaized component that the A power cord plugs into).  I have replaced mine twice in the past 6 years.  This is now where near as common as some blogs and groups might lead you to believe.

The single most common issue by far is the Cap-Pop issue.  Since you've had the back off, then you've seen them.  What you need to do is to examine them very closely.  What you are looking for is any bulging or dark residue on the silver "Top" of the capacitors.  These are small components that kinda look like small soda cans, with black plastic wrapped around the sides and exposed shinny aluminum tops (normally with a crease indented on the tops in the shape of a "Y" kinda looks like a Peace Sign).

Anyway, if any of these are "Popped" or bulging, this is your problem.  Heat is a very common issue with these first years, still a bit on an issue today, but designed for better heat dissipation.   Most people give me the 'Scoffing' sound when I tell them that some Apple's have design flaws.  Like I'm stupid... LOL.  Just believe me, there is NOTHING made by a human that can't have a human flaw!!!

Hope this sheds some light, Good luck