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Aporte original por: Dale Chowtie ,


I recently finished removing the cracked outer glass as well as the LOCA glue from an sm-t800 (galaxy tab s 10.5). This process is very time consuming and tedious (took me a combined 10 hours give or take spread over a month). If you do not have experience, don't expect it to look like new if you're successful.

I went into this thinking it would be just as complex as a nexus 7 but the smaller tablets are much easier to work on. Imagine twice the work as the nexus 7 job. Get yourself a good metal tool for removing the glass, I used a razor blade to start off and once I got about an inch and a half from the edges I switched to a metal spudger with a thin, flat, somewhat pointed tip.

Start near the top edges and work your way to the home button. I kept the screen at a temp of 90-110 celsius, If i was focusing on one segment of glass I kept a radius of 3 inches around that segment evenly warm at that temp range, (this avoids brown overheating spots and allows the glue to cool at a slower rate.)

As you work your way across the screen you will develop different methods of lifting the glass away and understand how to adjust your pressure and heat distribution.

Once all the glass is off now the tricky part begins. I ordered some LOCA removing liquid online but that stuff is useless, its just rubbing alcohol and water. So I got stuck and decided to say screw it and just use a razor blaze. So I started at the top edges of the glass once again, this time eating away at the glue. depending on the angle and pressure you put on the blade, you will most likely give the lcd a good amount of scratches. I saw that these scratches were pretty deep so I switched tools to another thin flat metal spudger that I had and used it similar to how you would use a chisel. (Come to think of it... A small chisel might have worked well too.) Either way, The lcd will get scratched up, nothing to avoid that. I found very helpful to drop some of the loca remover/Rubbing alcohol on the parts of glue I was trying to work at, this helped relieve some scratches, I also used my heat gun to very lightly to warm up the glue as I worked through the LOCA.

I worked toward the direction of the home button because the digitizer cables are attached along that bottom edge and bottom right corner.

after most of the glue was gone, I used the rubbing alcohol and the chisel-like tool to scrape away little fragments of LOCA and carefully went along the digitizer connections to remove the glue. As of right now, I do not have touch input but all of the cables look untouched and have no cuts or nicks. Ill have to look at all of the connections and make sure evertyhings secure.

I'll mention that I didn't have an eye dropper to use with the rubbing alcohol so I used a straw and my finger to simulate one, easy solution to thaat.

So thats what I've learned so far, To sum up... try to have  patience like a buddhist monk and be very careful. The tools make the job so test out on another already broken assembly if you have one at your disposal and dont force anything, the heat gun is your best friend.