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Aporte original por: patrizioitalian ,


Hi to all

I have a SAMSUNG TAB S SM-705 WiFi and 4G LTE one with a broken glass.

I can use it also where the glass is broken cause the touchscreen works good.

But I would like to replace the glass of this unit. I do not want to pay about 200$ for the glass and about 50$ for manpower just because the new one costs about 400$ now and I payed 200$ second hand.

So what to do?

I would like to suggest you and myself to buy such protective glass film that are sold on ebay at about 10$/15$ and put it one or two in place of the broken glass. Ok oosurely I will lose the Samsung Logo but maybe could be a replacement.

Are you agree? do you think there are any contraindications?

how can I remove the broken glass on the existing tablet without making a mess? can I remove with a spray glue? or with a nylon wire?