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Third that Norton and here are fine other thoughts.

. it looks like a machine to reliably separate glass and digitizer is at least $300 and then the machine to ensure that you can I have a new digitizer attached to an existing LCD without any bubbles or distortions is about 1500 dollars. I mean there are people who use heat guns and infrared thermometers that seem to be able to make the replacement on certain models but generally the repair is just getting harder. I noticed that with the LG g3 any crack in the digitizer/glass tends to disable the entire touch screen whereas previous phones can totally operate without a problem with a single crack. It almost seems intentionsl. There it's no way that went unnoticed. A crack had me shelling out 150$ instead of the usual 15$ for a premium screen protector with strong adhesive. I actually noticed there is a "your screen is damaged" mode. there is a way to make calls with puree and volume buttons and this LG software helps you. Thanks, but I'd prefer a phone that didn't self destruct with one crack.

does anyone know if replacing cracked screens is something that self phone manufacturers have figured out how to monetize? I loved that a &&^&@@ digitizer on the HTC evo meant 20$. I now use tempered glass screen covers although I'm not yet sure they're the same as having a gorilla glass and digitizer layer that us unglued yup the lcd.