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Ticking noise persists on all five burners


I had to reset a GFCI outlet today and when I did, all 5 burners on my stove started ticking.  All knobs are in the OFF position.  I can't figure out why all 5 are sparking.  There's a similar question on this site, but I think that person was talking about one of their burners.  For reference, the person that answered that question said it was a "defective Igniter Spark Module".  Does each burner have its own?  Or is this a central module that controls all the igniters on all the burners.  I have a GE JGP630SEK2SS (5 burner model).  If i do need to replace this module, does anyone know if I can take the top off?  I have the manuals from the GE website, but I can't tell.  Thanks in advance!