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Aporte original por: Jose Hernandez ,


My MacBook keeps freezing when its moved, is it the ram?


Hello i have a 2009 macbook core 2 duo, and its been working great until 2 weeks ago, when suddenly froze, so i reboot it and it just start working again until i move it, when it just froze again, so i did it again a couple of times to make sure that it just freezes when move so i did and in deed thats when the problem comes up, so i make a little research and i found that it might be a RAM problem, but in the articles i found the MacBooks didn't worked until the RAM was changed, and that's not my case, in a matter of fact im on it right now, it works perfectly while standing in a desk, but as soon as i move it it just freezes again, what can it be??

P.S. a couple of days i realize that the screw right in the middle of the under case is missing, i don't know if that might have make the RAM get loose so when its move the RAM moves, therefore freezes


MacBook Core 2 Duo