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Aporte original por: Ian Brandt ,


According to Apple my early 2011 MacBook Pro [|only supports up to 8GB].  I've been happily running it with 16GB for years now without issue.  That said according to Intel's [|i5-4690] and [|i7-4790K] specs the maximum supported memory is 32GB.

More details [|in the datasheet]: "Using 4Gb DRAM device technologies, the largest system memory capacity possible is 32 GB, assuming Dual Channel Mode with four x8 dual ranked DIMM memory configuration".  See also an [|Intelligent Memory FAQ entry on the issue].

While I'd be happy to see someone get their hands on some [|16GB SO-DIMMs] and prove otherwise, my limited guess is that 64GB support in the Late 2014 iMac is unlikely.

As for why anyone would need or want 64GB RAM in a desktop, any sort of analytics over about-that-size datasets is the first thing that comes to mind.  Perhaps also developing and testing in-memory databases, or cluster technologies with bunches of VMs.  The 1TB PCIe SSD is quick, but RAM is still a lot faster.  Smoke 'em if you got 'em.