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Aporte original por: Axtell ,


I attempted to swap the logic board from a 1.33 GHz iBook g4 (model A1055) with the logic board from a 933 MHz iBook g4 (also model A1055). (I was trying to downgrade because I owned both computers and the logic board in the 1.3 GHz iBook failed.) However, about half of the female connectors (soldered onto the 933 MHz logic board) did not match the corresponding male connectors on the parts of the 1.3 GHz computer. These mis-matching connectors included: the mouse pad connector; the power connector; the speaker connector; the modem connector. Additionally, the connector for the optical drive was soldered onto the logic board as well, so I don't think you can replace an older optical drive with the newer 'super drive'.

The 933 MHz logic board did fit inside the 1.3 GHz frame, but not the other way around.