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Aporte original por: Robin ,


Different thing are happening to different people here.

I wanted to replace the 500GB SATA hard drive in my MacBook Pro with a 750GB disk.  I hooked  the 750GB  up to the MacBook through an external USB - SATA interface. Formatted the 750GB disk, did a clean install of Mavericks and moved a bunch of my stuff across from the 500GB.

Could happily boot up the new system on the 750GB disk while attached to the USB - SATA interface.

Time came to swap the disks over - ie put the 750 inside the MacBook and take the 500GB out.  No joy - would not boot - got the flashing Folder with question mark.  Read all the stuff in here about new cables etc . Got a new cable - same problem.

Turned out to be formatting of the disk. Showed up as having one small partition when installed internally - doesn't seem to cause any problems when connected externally. Have reformatted the disk as MacOS extended journaled, 1 partition - disk now recognised. Cost me £20 for the cable and a lot of wasted time reinstalling the system all over again etc etc.  But heh ho - stuff happens.

Anyone want a brand new cable......?!