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Aporte original por: Mike ,


This is what I did for my phone and it is a sure fire fix. Things you will need a can of scrubbing bubbles, rubbing alcohol and a tooth brush. Completely disassemble your phone down to the logic board. Place it in a plastic container. Cover it with scrubbing bubbles and allow to let it sit for 2min. When all bubbles are liquid scrub all contacts with the toothbrush. When done dip the board in alcohol and completely dry. Reassemble and there you go. I had an issue with my screen not working but that was due to a burnt contact. Added flux and fixed it. You will also need to change out the battery. My phone is running hot but not killing the battery. I have not changed my battery so I am sure that is the my problem. Hope this helps everyone out.

* Always remember when your phone gets wet don't turn it on. You will short it out and make things worse**