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Aporte original por: andynice ,


Hello, another story of quilt which worked for a few weeks on 2 mbp 2007, but what lasts the longer is the oven, it's the method of this guy :

It works for 2 to 5 months for me, and I've done it 5 times now !!

Next time I'll try maybe the new chip, but it's a bit costly from France and second hand mbp are cheaper and cheaper… I repair a few mbp from friends and my conclusion is that they are too expensive for what they last when you buy them brand new, I suppose that 3-4 years is a good mtbf for Apple.

The aluminium imacs last twice that time and more, but the white imacs 17" had a lot of problems with screens and components, so Apple is not exactly BMW, but osx is more fun than windows and ubuntu, so … and I imagine that electronic products should be considered as expensive consumer products.

But ifixit existence is a very good thing, I do use it for iphones and macs and the repair guides are very precious to me, so thanks to all the contributors.