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Aporte original por: Brad ,


I tried the fixes described here (thank you for posting them) but that not what was wrong with mine.  My symptoms were that the unit did nothing - acted completely dead, no lights of any kind and pushing the button did nothing at all.  Lifeless.

Like others mentioned, I checked around for fuses but none in this model at least.

After I tried to see if the switch was bad as some others reported (mine tested fine), I noticed something else nearby.  Underneath the switch there is a small partially- sort of semicircular circuit board (that is basically the bottom of the switch).  Upon looking closely at mine, I noticed what looked like corrosion.  You know, when copper turns bluish-green on pipes and such kind of corrosion?  Well sure enough, one of the copper circuit traces on the back of this little circuit board had become corroded and had corroded all the way through.  I checked it with a multimeter first - open circuit.  Then carefully scraped away the crud with a pocket knife to confirm that the copper had been eaten away for whatever reason.  Normally the copper traces are covered by some kind of greenish protective film on this and other circuit boards, but apparently it gave way.    Had moisture leaked in around switch area?  Unknown...

Once I found this, the fix was easy - I just soldered a little 1 inch piece of wire to bypass the corroded trace on the circuit board - this is low voltage, so most any wire will do.  Just be careful to not overheat the board when soldering, and not touch any of the other traces on the circuit board.   After this, viola - works perfectly once again.  Hooray!  Hope this is helpful to someone else like me to keep their breeze flowing a little longer...while I had it apart, cleaned thoroughly as others have suggested.