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Aporte original por: Dan ,


I would recommend downloading a good fan & temp sensor App like this one: [|Temperature Gauge Pro]. It should tell you more details on what the fan & temp sensors are upto.

If the sensor is reporting zero then it's not connected correctly or it's broken. The primary drive sensor is setup to be the dominant sensor so if it is working the fans don't go into high speed when the secondary sensor is disconnected.

Also the SSD is not going to run as hot as a HD constantly does. So it won't display as big a temp swing. It should still report the ambient temp of the system.

So the question is do you really need it? As long as the primary sensor is working and is on the HD you could run your system without it. If you're like me I would double check my connections and if need be I would replace it (I have a thing running with something broken).