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Aporte original por: Ricardo ,


Hi Dereck yes you have to find the exact DVD drive as the original that came with your Xbox 360. Match all the numbers on the DVD case.  I purchased my replacement DVD drive on ebay for $29.00 brand new. Open the metal casing and unplug the ribbon cables that are connected to the inner motherboard of the DVD player. Then swap the inner mother board from the original DVD player and connect it to the new DVD player. Then put the metal casing back on. The original inner motherboard from the DVD player is already married to the Xbox 360. It should work as new. If it doesn't work your inner motherboard may be corrupted. This has worked for me. I tried to flash the drive first with the SATA cable on my PC and it took me 3 weeks learning as I go. Swapping DVD motherboards is the fastest and easiest way I have experienced. Remember they must be exactly the same. I think the other ones like Ben Q needs soldering.