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Aporte original por: Britt ,


My boyfriends son spilt some soda on his phone. I immediately turned the phone off and let it dry for over 24 hours. I should have put it in rice and let it dry for 48 hours as I've done before when i dropped my iphone in the toilet. Anyway, when we turned his phone on, the camera led light came on and wouldn't turn off. So, I downloaded a flashlight app from the app store, turned the flashlight on and then off again. It worked and the light stayed off. Made the mistake of letting it die and when we powered it back on, the light came back on and the app trick isn't working now. Leads me to believe we shorted something out, the battery life is awful and the phone gets hot in his pocket. I would suggest upgrading your insurance plan to one that covers water damage and then filing a claim through your carrier and sending it back.