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Aporte original por: Eleazar Carmeli ,


Hey anyone got any news on where to get new digitizer glass screens ?

i got a cracked screen surface pro off ebay cheap works perfect with the pen, obviously the touch doesnt work but since i do mostly zbrush and drawing touch really isnt a big deal to me.

i noticed on my unit that the cracked glass wants to flake of from a trasparent film underneath it so i am tempted to remove the glass (bit by bit and replace it with piece of regular glass cut from a glass shop.

while im certain this will pro negate the touch capability it may at least give me a non-cracked screen to look at.

before i go ahead with this though any suggestions from peeps

1 anyone know where to get a 3rd party replacement glass ? for less then 300 ?

2 anyone try removing the glass form the lcd ( i lifted up a 1/4inch from a corner very gently without damaging it so i know its possible.

3 anyone have any suggestions on using regular glass ?