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Aporte original por: ken kap ,


Chrysler town and country computer After Battery replacement Blinking lights and Speedometer 120

The Calibration Test

blower on high, both air sliders on cold (blue), selector knob (mode) on "panel" (dashboard vents- make sure all open)

press rear wiper and wash for 5 seconds to begin diagnostic that should run with rear wiper and Intermittant blinking alternately.

should end with just rear wiper blinking.  push rear wiper to exit.

The Diagnostic Cooldown test (necessary 2nd step)

Press WASH and A/C simultaneously for 5 Seconds (evaporator cannot already be cool = engine and cabin are warm)

AC / Recirc alternately flash - if flashing together test has failed

The steps to fix the blinking lights:

repower DC (battery replacement, jump, etc) (4 lights blink)

Calibration Test (runs several minutes leaves 2 lights (wiper/Int) blinking)

Diagnostic Cooldown Test (100 seconds)

Now Just rear wiper blinking :-)

Push Rear Wiper to exit and clear all blinking lights!

Speedometer 120

hold down trip/reset

turn ignition on (held until gas gage went to zero)

release buttons (gagues swing round and ultimately zero)