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Aporte original por: Bob Lathim ,


That is sad my friend but all is not lost,being an Certified Electronic Technician for 45 years I wish I had a dollar for each one but here are my top 2 stripped screw removers.

#1: take the philipps that you used and get a new one to go with it and lay it close to your game console,heat the tip of the first Philpps to fairly hot,quickly put it into the head of the stripped screw for about 20 seconds,now very quickly use the new Philipps to try to remove the screw,if that does notwork try a flat head that will fit into the crosses,you may have to do this several times on some screws on thing I learned is it is not an exact Science.

# 2:Take the new Philipps and get some epoxy glue the kind with 2 tubes it is stronger,mix a small amount and put a smaller amount on the tip of the Philipps standing up strait as you can,I used electronic hepling hands but 2 Cardboard boxes will work,this is the hard part now wait the full 24 hours for the glue to hold full strength,you basicly only get one shot with this one so do not push sideways on the screwdriver be careful and good luck.