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Battery Draining after water damage


I dropped my iPhone in the toilet. Only the bottom half was exposed to water for a brief moment. At first the phone worked fine, no issues. About 1 hour later the screen was flickering lines/colors. Eventually, the phone shut off (this was due to the phone needing to be charged even prior to the incident).

I stupidly plugged the phone in when I got home to charge to see if it would still work. Phone would turn on however, only when plugged it. When phone did turn on after being plugged in I was unable able to get service..the phone just said "searching"

I then shut phone off and placed in a bag of rice for a day and a half.  After this period of time the phone turned on and was back to almost normal.

The only issue I have with it now is that the battery drains quicker than normal. It will still last a good 6 hours or so. I also noticed that it will discharge when I shut it off. It no longer will stay charged through the night. Before I was able to charge my phone and the battery would last a full day. Now before bed it will say 100% charged, I wake up about 8-10 hours later and it will be at 10-20% or dead

I ordered a new battery out of desperation. Any other suggestions? I plan on cleaning out the phone with alcohol once I get my kit in the mail to open it up. I just hope it's not too late


iPhone 4