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I tore my 3GS proximity sensor ribbon cable last night.  It has all of the same problems now (being torn) though the earpiece also will not work.  This is because the proximity sensor tells the earpiece when to become active.  Since yours is not torn, your earpiece should be working.  It sounds like you have all of the symptoms of a bad sensor.  I've been looking online for hours and have discovered a few places that offer a replacement, though none are OEM by description.  Price ranges from five to twenty dollars without shipping.  Replacing it is almost as easy plug-and-play, I suggest this is a repair meant for people who are familiar with small parts repair in the inside of an iPhone already.  Remove the screen (open the phone), disconnect the front panel cables from the mainboard, remove the LCD screen from the front panel, and remove the shield covering the sensor and earpiece.  The sensor is adhered to the shield and can be removed with heat.  Reverse the process to re-assemble.

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