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Aporte original por: Overdrv ,


I would check in the BIOS it sounds like the memory reserved for video is being disabled when you add 4GB because it removes the video memory to be used as system memory.

The limits of a 32bit system is 4GB Total include Video Memory in that due to Hardware mappings.

Note that memory on our graphics cards DOES NOT COUNT towards the physical memory limit because it does not occupy address space as seen by the CPU. However, hardware mappings do. A graphics card with 2GB of memory on it will probably not have more than 256MB of mappings if the BIOS has memory remapping disabled (which it should for a 32-bit OS). That's why the physical memory limit is typically around 3.5GB, even if you have a graphics card with 1GB -- hardware mappings seldom exceed 768MB.

There should be a setting in BIOS that lets you force more memory for video and let you increase the resolution above 8 Bit

Also note that installing a 64 Bit OS would also solve this problem