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Yes it is possible to replace the glass only on a Galaxy S4. This phones lcd is thinner than its predecessor the galaxy s3 so you can not use the same methods. It also has a chassis that is easily scraped or damaged. I would not recommend trying to remove the lcd from the frame it is very fragile. Anyone with some patience can do this repair. I do this repair about 15 to 20 times a week. Let me walk you through it.

Materials: Plastic Playing Cards, .36 or very thin guitar pick, razor blade, gloves

Tools: Heat source ( I use a Chinese hot plate)

Time: 10 min

1. Remove everything from the lcd assembly ie... motherboard,  proximity, vibrator. You only want the lcd assembly. Subjecting the small parts of your phone to heat will shorten the life of the part.

2.  Heat the assembly. 90c for about 60 seconds

3. Use the tip of the razor blade the razor blade to barely lift the glass in the top right corner.

4. Slide the thin guitar pick under the glass and remove the razor blade.

5. Carefully slide the pick down under the glass and over to the left. At this point reheat the glass 30 to 60 seconds.

Continue to use the pick and slide above the mesh lossening the adhesive.Then down toward the glass on the left side of the mesh. This is where the lcd cable is so it is very important that you are in the right spot before you start sliding over to the left. YOU WANT TO BE DOWN TO THE LCD far enough where air bubbles start to spread. Then push left.

6. Use the pick to push under the glass above where the mesh is. THEN OVER THE MESH. Once you have that the battle is over.

7. Reheat. Use the playing card and slowly push down where rhe pick is over the mesh. You will need to reheat several times.what you are doing at this point is letting air in. You will see the air bubbles run. When it gets hard to push reheat. Do this all the way to the bottom. It should take just a few mins.

8. The flex cable for the home button is adhesived to the frame. The settings and back button flex is adhesived to the glass and this is all one cable. You can simply pry this off the glass with your pick. No worries though if you can not or you damage it. Unlike the galaxy s3 it is easy to replace. I would order an extra light flex cable just in case.

That is it very simple. Putting the glass back on is even easier. If you have a question or want more info check out my glass only training course at

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