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Aporte original por: Michael ,


Ok white screen explained. Ipods are like little computers with a simple graphics card hooked to a display. If you disconnect this display and put a different display on while the device is not powered off you get a white screen and yes you may have turned the device off but that power button is very easy to bump while doing this repair. So just like any computer each screen has to be calibrated for your computer and so does an ipod screen. Ipods do this calibration durring power on test. So the trick in fixing the white screen is to get the ipod to power off and back on. The button holding instructions for a hard reset will work if you can time them right but as long as no password is set on the device just open itunes with the device connected and tell itunes to backup the device. Then when the backup is finished tell itunes to restore the device from the backup you just made. Itunes does a hard reset after the restore to finalize your setting changes. So if you have a password on a broken screen ipod go into settings and remove it till your done working on the device and it makes white screens very easy to fix. Also white screen can happen when to much pressure is applied to a screen and the wires are broke inside so dont push or bend the screen because that version of white screen is not fixable.