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Sorry I never made it to respond earlier. It's been a while.

After taking my MBP to another service they promised to test it with a working battery. They never did (couldn't find a proper replacement). Since I had to be doing my engineering work to get paid I decided to sell MBP later as is in case I never have time to order a replacement battery. Poor service in my city would be waste of time (and they could damage logic board while replacing ISL6258A). Obviously I continued working with MBP hooked to power source 24/7 for next 6 months. I ended up selling it for $1000 as is and buying top configuration MBP with Retina display in August, 2012.

Summarizing this thread if you happen to liquid-damage your MBP and have same symptoms afterwards (after cleaning MBP interior with spirit, praying, etc.) your best bet is replace battery. In case this won't help try replacing ISL6258A (requires soldering equipment and skills). Your last chance before replacing logic board will likely be replacing DC-in. Good luck!