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That's a hard one. Without being there to see it in action it's hard to tell for sure.

Does it make the clicking sound like a smart cover does?

If the home button is in a constant state of being pressed down I would unplug the digitizer assembly and then plug it in again. (Make sure the iPad is turned off before doing this)

Then test again. '''If it continues like this then you may have a defective part.''' I've had high levels of defective parts on the iPad mini. Did you get the part from iFixit or somewhere else?

There are also 4 pads in between the LCD and the digitizer that can sometimes interfere with the functionality of the digitizer. These pads can be removed easily. Typically iPad mini's with the phantom touch issue are as a result of these tabs, but this may also be affecting you.

Good luck! Let me know the result.